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Originally Posted by loganj View Post

is the checksum correct for Crosshair VI Hero?
Cause i'm getting a different checksum in total commander than the one you posted

Did you check the checksum of the ZIP or the CAP file?

Originally Posted by BoMbY View Post

Thanks. Does this include a microcode update with Indirect Branch Predictor Barrier (IBPB) mitigation for Spectre?

No such thing for AMD AFAIK (only need software patches).

Originally Posted by Anty View Post

Just wonder why is AGESA number reset to and not bumped to This will be super irritating in the future when you say "i have AGESA" and somebody will ask "old or new" biggrin.gif

It's possible to differentiate with the prefix, usually something like SummitPi- or RavenPi-

Originally Posted by hurricane28 View Post

I am sorry, but its rather disappointing that after more than 6 months the problem is still not fixed yet..

I personally think its an hardware problem which cannot be fixed via software.. Like i said before, this problem dates from the 990FX era which had the same erratic IT sensor and it was never fixed.

Its not only the sensor though, as soon as you install Asus Alsuite 3 these problems start and you can never get rid of it.. it can and will occur randomly on any system under the right conditions.

I encountered the fan speed problem only once after i reset the BIOS and pulled the battery, but i am sure it can and will occur again if i open Aida64 or other monitor software.

I really hope there is a "fix" soon so i can use other programs as well aside hardwareinfo64, which is a great program btw.

You're free to be sorry as much you want. It'll be ready when it's ready.
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