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Originally Posted by gupsterg View Post

NP smile.gif .

As the AGESA string is incorrect in UEFI I wouldn't hold too much faith that the rest of FW info is correct. Probably be fixed in a later release.

From Thaiphoon Burner info:-

DRAM Manufacturer: Hynix
DRAM Components: H5AN8G8NMFR-TFC
JEDEC DIMM Label: 8GB 1Rx8 PC4-2133P-UA0-10

You have Hynix MFR single rank RAM.

This post by post-flame-small.gif The Stilt post-flame-small.gif contains Hynix MFR 1DPC SR timings (which is your config), albeit 3200MHz. Knowing the experience The Stilt has, I would say then Hynix in the main can only attain what he has. So you gaining 3066MHz is not too shabby at all, you've slightly exceeded rated RAM MHz and bettered what AMD official spec is for SS SR 1DPC config.

Will definitively have a try again next weekend when I have time ( I will probably try the new bios again but with a few memory timings in hand just in case...
Originally Posted by gupsterg View Post

NP smile.gif .

Have a view of section RAM Info / Data Fabric (DFICLK) / Memory Stability testing in OP here. Look to see if you have access to options like ProcODT, CAD Bus, CLDO_VDDP. If you see an option for Geardown with that set as off you can use odd CL, otherwise it gets rounded to even. Also use Ryzen Timings Checker (linked in OP there) to see what BankGroupSwap and BankGroupSwapAlt is setting to on your board (post screenie).

I do have ALL those options under memory timings in the overclocking area.
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