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Quote: Originally Posted by gupsterg View Post
Little update on using 1800X at stock, tweaking RAM and stability testing. HCI Memtest/GSAT etc has been ran first, no issues, shows RAM is AOK. As we all know the issue we face really is when CPU loaded and RAM is tweaked. RealBench makes the cores stick to 3.7GHz, so not useful, custom x264 also does the same. Y-Cruncher I have found handy but the old faithful Prime95 is sweetest .

As 3333MHz Fast using VDDP: 0.900V SOC: 1.1V VDIMM: 1.39V ProcODT: 60 CAD BUS: 30 30 30 30 had been fine for various tests I decided to test 3466MHz The Stilt same setup, it lasted ~4hrs in P95 29.2.


So clearly 3466MHz The Stilt profile is failing when CPU boosts to max XFR IMO, as in the past on same HW at fixed CPU frequency of 3.9GHz it's a non issue. So back down to 3333MHz Fast.


Custom P95, 1 thread, 8 to 4096, RAM usage 13312MB. In resource monitor, mainly the 4 cores / 8 threads remain parked, as I use 50% core parking in W10C. We can see a core at 4024MHz and another 3924MHz.

I will test with 75% parked as well and try 2 threads, as 2 threads with 50% CP means more cores have the thread bounced around I don't see upto 4.1GHz XFR. Averages are wrong for CPU MHz as IMO monitoring can not poll CPU as fast as it is changing frequency.
Dude, can you please provide me with your BIOS settings .txt
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