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Quote: Originally Posted by Mrzev View Post
Adding efficency to code takes time. Basically meaning, i do what i normally do, then do more work for no real value. Efficency made sense when i was doing my tracking system, because i needed my tiny active RFID tags batteries to last a long time. When I have an application that needs to read in files, upload them to a server, and process those files... if it takes 20gigs of ram, thats fine with me, because the PC's running it I will add that ram. Most of my stuff is either webpages , or tools, not so much consumer applications. Most of the time, optimization isnt really needed. It just adds more work and complexity.
As for a project of my own.. that would be a game... but that doesnt solve my project with me at my current job.

....no... and NO. If anything i would go from Notepad++ to sublime, but either way 99% of my dev is done trough Visual Studio. If i really wanted to learn a new tool, I would probably spend some more time with Unity.

Switching to part time work... not as easy as it sounds. That mainly means do contract work. I am a cautious person, so I dont trust revenue from that. So, I would need to rely on my savings to get me trough the majority of the Dev time for the game, and any additional revenue just delays and extends the game dev time.

In the end, I just need to deal with it. Changing anything just adds risks which could work out great, or not.
You asked for a challenge, not what makes cash. Saying you don't give a crap about memory usage does make you a crappy programmer.

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