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Quote:Originally Posted by gupsterg 

NP .

Yes I use Windows Fast Startup off, it can cause issues with SW and meddling I do with HW .

I believe your observations on repeat post:-

i) when motherboard post from shutdown and PSU had uninterrupted power from wall socket.
ii) when you flash UEFI and reset settings.

is training.

A restart has differing post process, so your experience/observation is differs. "Sleep/Resume" maybe a workaround. It may also just be down to how Hynix isn't the favored IC by Ryzen/Threadripper. It may possibly improve with tweaking settings and/or later UEFI, for case where you don't flash a new UEFI.

I have Samsung B die, single rank/sided, 2x 8GB. Pretty much best case situation for gaining best MHz/timings and least problematic for post/training. I experience on ZE:-

i) 2x post when flash new UEFI and when motherboard has power interrupted between shutdown and post.
ii) when motherboard post from shutdown and PSU had uninterrupted power from wall socket, it's 1x post (unless setup is wrong for RAM, etc).

I will have to check more about settings of hynix ram.., because I had another "memory failure" reset thing..

Which is weird, as soon I reset manually the settings and save, it runs just fine.

I think something is different in my memory kits, despite being the same type, brand and version.
Because sometimes when my computer resets the memory, the modules are not always with the same settings (example, one appears 15, 15, 15, 16, the other pair as 15, 16, 16, 16 for example)
Addendum to my post.

The memory training is completely random. I have no clue what is going on.

Somedays it will boot straight with no issue, no memory training, etc..
Other days it will fail after 5 reboots and tell me to resave the configuration again...THEN it boots fine.
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