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Quote: Originally Posted by gupsterg View Post
At the moment due to forum search not working correctly I can't link a post by The Stilt. In that he highlights how memory training is complicated on ZEN. The issues could be settings, these may work for x post and not for y. On the other hand it could well be UEFI/AGESA development issue.

Loosely speaking from all I've read on AM4/STR4 and experience on C6H/ZE Samsung B die just seems like the only RAM IC that really works well with even underdeveloped UEFI in the main. Again only my opinion.

Few days ago I removed F4-3200C14D-16GTZ and installed F4-3200C14Q-32GVK. Some testing at 3333MHz Fast setup initially link. Multiple boots from shutdown, where PSU had power from wall, all good and restarts. Then I moved to stability testing, but as it was a new kit I decided to stability test at 3200MHz with same timings, which are tighter than stock. This ZIP contains ~49hrs of testing, organise files by date.
After a few days now. I figured out what causes the reset..
Its very weird.

If I turn on my monitors (dual 2k on my 1070gtx) before pressing power, the memory training will trigger.
If I turn the computer first THEN the monitors, there wont be memory training and the computer will boot with no issue.

At least thats what I'm seeing right now. Will have to confirm a few times.


Tried again both methods, and yes.. if I turn on monitors = memory training is triggered.. turn PC first then monitors = no training.

This is SO weird..
Could be because I'm using the third (second 16X) slot?

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