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Quote: Originally Posted by ruffhi View Post
It looks like you are having a ton of fun with this build. Keep up the posts .
Yes ruffhi having lots of fun with this build!

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Hey Barefooter ...
Loving your posts ... and for a relative newbie like me - this is were I'm getting my education - So, thanks!

Quick question on DIMM utilization ...and apologies if I missed it ...

Can you share your thoughts on what you see drives peak memory hits and how deep (GB) you have seen that go ?

Glad you are enjoying my posts! As for the ram, I have only ran it through HCI Memtest, so I can't really comment any further than that right now.

Quote: Originally Posted by SpikeV View Post
ah yeah ... and,

in the above ssd comp - was that also SATA vs pci-e ?
Yes the CrystalDiskMark benchmarks are comparing sata SSDs using the AHCI protocol to the Intel Optane 900P which is a PCI-e drive using the NVMe protocol.

Quote: Originally Posted by steveting99 View Post

Wonder if you're interested in the Skylake-X Direct Die Frame by der8auer on overclocking your Intel 7900x CPU?

Might help you get to that stretch goal of 5.1GHz that you're wanting to reach...
Thanks for the link, however I'm not a real hardcore benchmark guy, so I am fine with going as far as I can with a stock mount and a good water block. Once this build is done and in my office, it will not be easy to work on, and unlike many people here on OCN, once I'm done with a build I rarely change anything. I just want to use it and blow the dust out of it on occasion.

Site Migration Rant

I don't rant very often, but I feel it's justified here. I was not even aware that Huddler was going away, and the site was going to be migrated to another platform. The site was down for the better part of two days for me, once I could get back on I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I then went to this build log, and all of my over 600 images were all missing! Talk about freaking out. I won't even tell you what was going through my mind at that moment.

What a complete disaster! It's hard to believe that a web site run by computer enthusiasts, for and about computer enthusiasts, would be handled this poorly!

I won't get into all the issues, you can check out the Punch List to see all the issues they are tying to iron out it you haven't seen it already. My biggest gripe left at this point is the way photos or images are placed in a post. Before it was very easy to upload pictures, now there's the stupid little thumb nails. I've seen the work around to post full size images, but it is a total PITA!

Some of the long posts with lots of images that I've done on this build log take a long time to put together. With the current image posting method it will take much longer. I am very unhappy about this

End of Rant

Meanwhile I have made more progress on the build, and I do have more pictures to share with you, however I plan to wait awhile longer to see if they can get the picture upload situation fixed.

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