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Accelero Xtreme III install on 1080Ti

I have a Gigabyte Gaming OC 1080Ti. I swapped out the stock fan assy. for more powerful fans (notcua industrial 140mm and a delta 92x38mm screamer) and that raised my ovrclock ceiling a bit, but when I hit the upper 60's it still CTD's.

The instructions for the Accelero Xtreme III don't mention the 1080Ti, but I know people have installed it.

I'd like to be able to un-install the heatsinks though. I remember Arctic Cooling alumina adhesive recommended mixing it w/arctic silver to enable removal of heatsinks. Does this still work?

Also, should I go ahead and buy some copper heatsinks for the VRM's and memory? Would those contribute significantly to the cooling performance of the VRM's and memory over the stock Al heatsinks?
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