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Quote: Originally Posted by mmonnin View Post
You asked for a challenge, not what makes cash. Saying you don't give a crap about memory usage does make you a crappy programmer.
I disagree. There is efficiency is performance and development speed. If i have to write a tool that runs nightly to send out a status email for all of the changed items, I could spend a day making it work and go onto the next task. I could also spend 2 days making run slightly faster. Right now value is on getting these features in, and less so speed of these background tools.

I could also make it run faster by using more memory by caching the db instead of doing multiple queries. I could optimize that by creating better SQL queries to filter data better. But when it takes 1 minute to run, making it take 30 seconds isnt a problem. I have had to go back and optimize some things because that 1 minute would slowly turn into 15 minutes, and then i need to redesign how lately by caching the database so i dont need to constantly query the data. Aaaaaand since we are constantly adding features and having to adjust the architecture, it tends to need to be redone at some point anyways.

Don't call me a crappy programmer because my priorities for efficiency are different. I do what makes sense. Issue with trying to code something to be more efficient in processing, memory, or whatever is that you can always make it better. People I see worrying of that when it doesn't matter take 2-3x longer than me and over complicates things for the other developers slowing them down in the process too.

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