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Quote: Originally Posted by IT Diva View Post
The easiest way to put pics in a post efficiently is to open a duplicate tab after you have the thumbs already posted, (use the "manage attachments" dialog to add up to 8 or 10 at a time) that way you can open the thumbs in one tab, right click, & " copy shortcut " and then paste it into the edit panel "add image" in the second, (duplicate) tab and the process goes pretty quickly, even for a lot of pics.
Yeah I used the "Manage Attachments" dialog box on another thread a few day ago, but I was using Internet Explorer. I was using the right click menu, and it only has a "view source" option, then copying and pasting the address into the "insert image" box, but it added extra characters at the beginning and end that I had to remove which was a pain.

I switched to Chrome and it has "Copy Image Address" in the right click menu which is much easier to use. The last couple of days the "Manage Attachments" has not worked for me at all in either browser, it shows the pictures are uploading, but then I get a "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing" warning and nothing happens. The drag and drop box is working, so I am using that for now. I still much preferred the old way of uploading pictures, it was really a much easier and better way in my opinion. I sure hope the Devs on this new platform will be able to bring that back!

Also right now there's no way to change the size of the pictures, they are all huge or small thumb nails. So we'll go with huge then

Back Side Tubing Complete

If you remember awhile back when I was working on the tubing I ran out of the EML16 hardline fittings. This order came in while I was playing around with the test bench. I estimated needing 21 more of those, so I ordered 24 more. Also ordered three more 90s, a few more extensions, a temperature sensor, and some sata cables.

There's just one more tube to install on the back side, and it will be the longest tube in the build. Before I do that there's one more tool I did not show you the last time I was working on the tubing. If you like your tubing nice and level and vertical like I do, then a level really helps. You can "eyeball" it pretty good without one, but with a level there's no doubt if it's level or vertically plumb. Here's a link where I bought mine from Swanson Tool Magnetic Torpedo Level

It has 30°, 45°, 90°, and 0° bubbles and magnets along the bottom edge. The magnets won't do you much good with a CaseLabs case though

If you flip the level over, there's a "vee" for putting on corners, which turns out to work really well putting this edge against the tubing. It's much easier to hold the level in place compared with the flat side. It also comes with a thumb screw if you wanted to attach the end to something.

This tube is connecting the bottom radiator to the front radiator on this side. These two radiators do not align because of the case design. The front radiator mounts are centered on each side of the case, while the bottom radiator mounts are offset closer to the center of the case. I'm sure it's due to the location of the mounting holes for the casters, there simply isn't room to center the radiator mounts in the bottom.

Remember back when I mounted the bottom radiators I relocated the mounting holes forward for clearance in the back, but I also shifted them outwards slightly, as much as I could to better align with the front radiators. I used a dual rotary fitting at the front radiator for the offset.

Nice and level.

Uh-oh, this isn't going to work, it's not parallel to the other tubing, the bottom radiator, or the case like this.

To start with I had the dual rotary fitting in the front radiator level, so I rolled that up to get the tube parallel.

The problem I had then was the dual rotary fitting was in the way of mounting the front radiator bottom pull fan. I have left the four inside front radiator pull fans off to make it easier to work on the wiring and tubing. So I added a 15mm extension to the dual rotory, and cut 15mm off the end of the tube. I also had a 25mm extender coming out of the bottom radiator and had to swap it out for a 30mm extender because after rolling the tube up it was not level anymore. This is exactly why I try to keep at least two of each size of extender in my own personal stock.

Now I'm happy with it

Here's some more shots after I moved it out into the sun. The tubing is now completely finished on this side.

That's all for now. The preview looks good, hope this comes out ok after I hit the "submit" button!

Edit: It did not work perfect. I started by putting all 17 pictures in the thumb nails section, then half way through making this post all of the thumb nails just disappeared. I re-pasted the last ten back in and everything looked good on the preview, but the first seven pictures would not show in internet explorer after submitting. Anyway I put them back in I hope the all the pictures show in whatever browser you are using. If not please let me know and I'll try to fix it.
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