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Quote: Originally Posted by ruffhi View Post
They all look good to me (Chrome). And another Barefooter update that I always look forward to. Good job on getting that level (in more ways than one).
Ok here's another update. The "Manage Attachment" feature still is not working for uploading pictures!

Here's the error message I get:
Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error.

The "Drag and Drop" box is working though, so here we go.

Main Side Tubing & Loop Details

I put the return line on the right side of this reservoir awhile back, and then ran out of fittings. Here is the feed line on the left side of the reservoir to the pass through.

Next is another long tube from the front radiator connecting to the bottom radiator.

As you can see I added a flow indicator into the middle of this run. Once this rig is sitting in it's final resting place in my office, it will sit on the floor to my left side under an "L" shaped desk. This way I can just glance down through the window and see the flow indicator.

Loop Details

Most of the tubing is done now except for the section going in and out of the hardware. I'll detail the loop here just in case you haven't already figured it out.

It is one large loop, with two pumps in series, six radiators, and two reservoirs. The second reservoir on the back side is completely unnecessary, but it will fill out the one somewhat empty space that would have been there without it. Plus I really like the way it looks and I've never seen a set-up like this before, so it's different.

Here's the loop order starting with the reservoir on the main side. The tube on the right side of the reservoir is the return line, the tube on the left going to the pass through is the feed line.

Moving to the back side of the case the second reservoir the feed line on the right connects the two reservoirs.

Then the feed line tube goes to the two pumps, out to the bottom radiator, through the long tube to the front radiator, and then through the case opening to the front radiator on the main side.

Looking at the main side again, on the left is the tube connecting the two front radiators, and through the long tube with the flow indicator into the bottom radiator. From here the rear top port of the bottom radiator will connect to the CPU block, and then into the video cards.

Out of the video cards the tubing will run up to the outer port on the top radiator.

The left top radiator then goes into the right top radiator from the upper inside ports. The extension on the left outer port has an air bleed on the top of it. You can just push down the spring loaded top to bleed air out. The extension with the stop plug on the right outer port will serve as the fill port.

The fill port is right above the extension coming out of the top radiator on the back side here. A nice long straight line for the flow meter, and then the final line tees back into both reservoirs.

There's the loop. It should look much better once there's some nice red coolant flowing through it

Edit: I come back 20 minutes later and all of these pictures and all the thumb nails are just gone! I had to upload them again.
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