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Quote: Originally Posted by TheReciever View Post
@Imglidinhere @thegreatsquare

Since we all tend to disagree I think it would be perfect for us to get together and update this if you guys have the time

Im up for it, the landscape has changed quite a bit after Haswell.
...I'm still using my Haswell laptop w/980m 8GB and I see me doing so fairly comfortably for another 3-5yrs.

1: I think the whole thing is too long.

2: I don't think it should be centered around a lot of hardware specifics, but mention the general trends of hardware requirements in association to console generations as most PC games are ports, then a paragraph on what's a respectable minimum for current gen ports and then a paragraph on where the current hardware is compared to that. [It will be easier to refresh one paragraph on new hardware releases than to be combing through everything for hardware mentions laced throughout the guide]. It's how I've chose my last two laptops and it's worked pretty well. [I could probably cobble together the theoretical/philosophical first part of this section from an old post or ten.]

3: Cooling should be briefly discussed as a function of airflow [thick vs thin laptops], thermal paste, heatpipes and HSF [single/dual].

4: Then there should be a small section on non-performance parts such as types of keyboards and screens.

5: Brands should be covered in general including their reliability, but not specific models. That assessment should be made by the reader from the knowledge they've acquired in points 2-5.

Can anyone explain to me why MSI needs our laptops back on top of the wholesale price they're already more or less recouping from us with their GT72(s)/GT80(s) trade in program? MSI isn't a company you can trust!

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