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Quote: Originally Posted by Mrzev View Post
vout0-2 are calculated before you read the voltage . . .

It depends on how you want to code it really. . .

Edit: You also can get more fancy by . . .
Thanks for the input very much appreciated, I rearranged the vout's to the top. I then had to re adjust them to the current alignment to get them to all read the right voltages as displayed on the screen.

as for the output switching its only switching D11 from A0's input and ignoring the rest.

older code

Time for bed haha
Thanks again for the pointers much appreciated

Edit #1:

Current code

Now that i have added the serial bit its working as it should on the test board, but reads wrong on the serial port. I think the issue is on the test board its powered from the board, where as the USB provides power when on serial. Since its my understanding i can not power the board (Vin pin) and use USB at the same time. I'd have to look but i dont think i have a serial (DB9) to usb adapter handy to feed the i/o pins and ground to.


Decided to give it a go with USB and power on the Vin pin, and it didn't let out the majic smoke lol

I did sort the issue with USB voltages not showing right, its an issue with the onboard voltage regulator i'm guessing. as i noted that while on USB the VREF pin shows 3.8v, and while on External power its showing 4.1.
I have updated the default values for the resistors to the values i can measure, i need a better count rate meter (all 4 i have are 2000).

Managed to also get the real time clock working and displaying too.
Just need to get the specs for my current bridge and have them programmed in and all will be finished and ready to assemble a PCB and test.

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