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The 35mm screws from FrozenCPU came as well as my new res. I was going to avoid FrozenCPU, but they were the only ones carrying a res in the size I needed that I liked. So I went with a Byksi Ice Dragon res, 200mm.

So I start mounting up Halos on the front fans, it goes well and I move onto the ones on the back. Of course, as of writing this I am suddenly worried I mounted some of the fans backwards...and of course I did. But before I get to that, as I was mounting the two internal fans...what's this? Why I am 3 screws short? Did I order 17, not 20? Nope. FrozenCPU counted wrong. I emailed them a little while ago and we will see how they respond. It isn't a HUGE deal. I have 20 of the same screw coming in black instead of the silver ones FCPU sent. So when I swap those out, I will reverse the fans up front. Need to trim the mounting screws for the res bracket anyway.

So after the mounting the fans inside...yeah, those need to get painted. I am thinking orange for the Halos frames. They come apart pretty easy with 5 screws IIRC and the light diffuser ring comes right off and then the LED strips practically fly off.

Obligatory horrible smartphone shot.

I have my bits and pieces of vacation coming up next week. If the weather keeps getting better at the rate it has improved since last weekend, it should be perfect. The res caps are screaming for paint too.

Last weekend, we managed a couple inches of snow. This weekend? 50's and 60's and it is getting warmer. WHOOOOOOO

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