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My build was breadboarded, then mounted in a Rosewill GungnirX case in the last week. The Noctua U14S cooler with push-pull fans is working well, somewhere between a 120 and 240mm AIO. At 5.2 GHz and avx2, pulling loads at 95% or so on all cores and about 160w TDP, core temp reaches low 80's. I have run it this way for up to ten minutes or so, but haven't decided how much long-term test I want to do. The case came with three 240mm DC case fans, and I plan to replace them with four larger PWM's. My G.Skill 2x8 4266 DIMM's are running at 4000, but so far, the Hero won't boot above that. Once booted, they will operate at 4133. Need to know more about settings. I really like the Hero, being in control of the O/C and not having settings disappear on reboot. I'll downgrade the speed for everyday use, maybe use it on video.
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