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Quote: Originally Posted by Aenra View Post
So that's why changes wouldn't always take effect! After all these years, lol, i finally know.. thanks for that tip

*Edit: If i may ask a related question, is there any downside to having multiple same entries in the hosts file? Asking because so far i've got my own list (which includes everything the 'ready-made' ones don't have), the windows/microsoft-related list and a general hosts file list, which is huge. Using Ctrl+F to search if a new entry already exists is fine, but when a new.. new.. list is to be added with 294746528 new entries, that's a bit too much for me to check.
Not really any downsides other than possibly adding confusion to the mix: only the first instance of a domain name will be read. Once an instance of the name has been resolved, no further reading of the file takes place.

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