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Quote: Originally Posted by nycgtr View Post
Return it to cyberpower or wherever. Build your own with a well ventilated case or have them change the case. I really dont get why they would send you that setup in that case and not expect it to overheat.
Brother, When I got this thing, the GPU prices were out the hoohaa. If I built it myself, I would have spent at least 400 more (I priced it out in another thread here). It was actuallky cheaper this way, with this lcd screen.

I can't return it. I gotta fix what I got.

Reason I have 2 1080tis is because when I'm not gaming, it was supposed to mine on nicehash. That's how I sold the idea to my wife... "hey hun, this thing can make us money when I'm not using it! It'll pay itself back in no time!"

So I called them today and told them what was going on... They xfer me to tech support and the guy is like, yeah why would you do that. That won't work well. I told them why on earth they are selling this setup then if it won't work... He said he's just tech support. Then I talked to cust support and he said, yeah nothing we can do. Sorry.... lol

I have the parts, and worst case I can just buy my own large case, but I'd really like to make it work with the SLIs in here. I might just buy the custom loop setup soon. I guess I like the challenge of making it work.

how does this benchmark look?


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