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9th BOINC Pentathlon | May 5th-19th 2018

What is this event all about?

The BOINC Pentathlon is a two week long BOINC team competition. Five different projects will be crunched over the two week period.

The BOINC Pentathlon consists of 5 disciplines:
  1. Marathon (CPU, 14 days)
  2. Sprint (CPU, 3 days)
  3. City Run (CPU, 5 days)
  4. Cross Country (GPU, 5 days)
  5. Swimming (CPU, 7 days)

The fun and challenging aspect of the Pentathlon is resource management. The 5 "disciplines" are run over a 14 day period, so each "discipline" overlaps another discipline. Figuring out what to run, and when to run it, is what makes the Pentathlon a unique and challenging BOINC points race.
  • Run-times and projects for each discipline are announced 5 days (Marathon and one other project) or 3 days (Sprint and two remaining disciplines) before their respective start via Blog (Feed , Twitter , Facebook ).
  • This allows some time to stock up on completed WU's, but it can also be dangerous if you forget to turn in the completed tasks before the deadline. It also adds another twist to resource management, if you are trying to stockpile WU's, while simultaneously running the current active disciplines.

New to BOINC?

Check out the BOINC Essentials Thread for information about BOINC, how to install and use the BOINC client, and what projects are available on the BOINC platform.

Promote the BOINC Pentathlon in your forum signature!

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Disciplines to crunch:

Marathon (CPU): [email protected]
OCN Final Ranking - 6th
Starts: 5/5
Ends: 5/19
Project Support Thread

Swimming (CPU): [email protected]
OCN Final Ranking -8th
Starts: 5/5
Ends: 5/12
Project Support Thread

Sprint (CPU): [email protected]
OCN Final Ranking - 8th
Starts: 5/11
Ends: 5/14
Project Support Thread

Cross Country(GPU): PrimeGrid
OCN Final Ranking - 9th
Starts: 5/13
Ends: 5/18
Project Support Thread

City Run (CPU): [email protected]
OCN Final Ranking -10th
Starts: 5/14
Ends: 5/19
Project Support Thread

Project Choosing Rules

OCN Project Nominations:

To be eligible for the prize drawing, sign up and fill out the form at the following link:


Prizes Being Donated for the Pentathlon:
Sapphire Nitro RX 480 4GB - Donated by: tictoc
Winner: Finrond

Cloud amiibo - Donated by Ithanul
Winner: Starbomba

5x Lifetime Overclocked Accounts - Donated by Overclock.net
Winners: Diablosbud, Diffident, NBrock, cekim, spdaimon


Compact Test Bed - Donated by: Spotswood
Winner: Zeddicus

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