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Very interessting that the boost is way higher than on TITAN V (1455 MHz, results in mid 1500ish clocks avg. with default targets at 84°C). Can it maintain this boost clock by default?
Going to be interessting to see some (game) benchmarks later and compare these with some TITAN V results as this one seems to have 128 ROPs and a nice bandwith.
GPU-Z version 2.5.0 reported also wrong 426 TMUs but the 96 ROPs were correct for the V. Interessting is also that they did not remove the overclock ability for the Quadro, only no DSR. But in you're case you don't need it.

One result at the web so far, but as the guy doesn't have a native 4K(+) display he cannot go higher in resolution; I wish he had given more information about actual clockspeeds and sys specs though:

Working on some stuff now. I had done my Titan V benchmarks in 4k, but the Quadro doesn’t seem to support DSR so I can’t compare apples and apples.

So far: Unigen Heaven 1440p/max/8xAA is 2753 for Quadro vs 2724 Titan V (both with +50/50 OC)

Although I won't buy neither the GV100 nor the TITAN V (I could but it would be a waste of cash only for gaming in my opinion compared to my two 1080 Ti's) it is some interessting performance preview what is going to come later and I appreciate all shared information on these very much. Thanks a lot!

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