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If this was a talent show, the Full Post Editor would get the golden buzzer, with the poll currently at 1-18, in favour of the Full Editor. I don't even see what kind of downside putting the Full Editor in place of the Quick Reply editor would have, in fact I can't see any, only upsides. The simple editor is severely lacking features, so what possible downside could making a proper editor available from the get go have? Even the Full Editor is missing stuff like a strikethrough button, but at least it's got the spoiler button and the lists buttons and the smilies readily available, amongst other useful features, this isn't even a contest really, we need the Full Editor and then some.

Btw, don't forget about the other related suggestions I made in the other thread:

Also, since the drag and drop system is so clunky and leaves so much 'residue' behind, once the advanced editor is always enabled, you might as well disable the drag and drop functionality. And the post icons. And to make it even better, make the "Insert Image" button show the exact same window as the "Attachments" button as the functions it contains are a superset of the very limited, URL only ,"Insert Image" button.

We'd have a streamlined and much cleaner, less cluttered looking system by then.

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