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Quote: Originally Posted by sharidon_zz View Post
On first look, there is no open source code support for GT-AC5300. Tell me, if I am wrong about. There are routers with community or manufacturer support, you can find a list here for start. You want custom stuff, you better pick up something from that list.

If you just pick up a router, without any developer support, and would build a custom firmware, that is not simple, but hell of a fight.
Correct on the list of routers. I have had some of the RT based Asus Routers in the past which have been great. I then purchased the GT-AC5300 thinking it was the RT-AC5300, silly mistake. However with the GT being such a powerhouse, I thought it a shame that it went without the love of a custom firmware. I know there are others out there with this router who would love it to have a custom firmware upon my searching of various forums, including Asus Merlin forums. Really no open source ? Hmmm. Asus Merlin was against developing due to its differing hardware architecture and that it would add to his workload, he did not inherently mention any lack of open source. Though it would make a certain amount of sense as Asus have been closing off more and more of there code as of late.

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