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Quote: Originally Posted by Shiftstealth View Post
Appreciate the support on the new BIOS. I ended up getting so frustrated i tore down my whole rig, everything. Put in my X370 prime, and my old 1700. Wouldn't complete booting. USB Over Current it said. Cycle through to unplugging all my USB devices, KB/Mouse/Kraken X52/ Front panel. Still says it. I think i have a ground on my case somewhere. I've got my board just sitting on my glass desk atm not touching anything, and not using the kraken either. Testing for stability now.

Aside from the crashes i was getting stuttering in wow, and driver crashes with my 1080 Ti.

NONE of this happened last week with EVERY part i have now except the Mobo CPU. I even experienced some system halts with the 1700 in the CH VII. So it has to be something contacting it IMO. I feel that if the board was that defective it wouldn't lock up the PSU so i had to unplug it to reboot.

If you have any input on where i should start i'd appreciate it. I already replaced the PSU.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shiftstealth View Post
If you read my post above i think my issue was related to my Case/PSU. I was having all sorts of issues. I think my mobo was grounded in my case. Maybe not, but i'm testing now. I can update you tomorrow if you remind me.

Good idea to test everything outside the case first. Hopefully everything works well like that and you can start debugging by making a change at a time.

Quote: Originally Posted by SwiperNoSwiping View Post
@elmor @The Stilt

Can you guys provide a little bit more in-depth information about how exactly the new Performance Enhancer feature works? Some questions I have after reading the PDF:

- What's the difference between level 3 and level 4? (level 1 and 2 as well, for that matter)

- Balanced power plan, as in DEFAULT win 10 balanced, correct? I assume "Ryzen Balanced" is not a thing anymore?

- I assume voltage is handled automatically in this mode, and gives cores as much voltage as CPU requests?

- To continue previous question - looking at PDF the sample CPU boosted all the way to 4.5 GHz on a single core, I guess that required quite a lot of voltage? Definitely more than 1.4v which are considered "safe" among the community? Will it have any impact on the longevity of CPU, or not really, since for load of this kind current will not really be high enough, while voltage is pretty high?

If there are any specific tips you guys can give to start getting into this new kind of "overclocking" I'd really appreciate them. Thanks for another great board!


Level 1

PPT Limit = 1000W
TDC Limit = 1000A
EDC Limit = 150A
Customized Precision Overdrive (Scalar) = 10X

Level 2

PPT Limit = 1000W
TDC Limit = 1000A
EDC Limit = 1000A
Customized Precision Overdrive (Scalar) = 10X

Level 3 (OC)

Tweak from The Stilt which disables the power and current calculation, you might see the SMU calculated power/current in HWInfo showing 0 when using it.

Level 4 (OC)

The tweak from The Stilt + Level 2 XFR2 settings. I think Level 4 is way higher than most will be able to run, typically yielding something like 4.35G 1T and 4.30G nT frequency.

2) Yes, default Windows 10 balanced. The Ryzen Balanced profile has the minimum processor state set a bit too high for Level 3/4 to work properly.
3) Voltage requests are sent from the CPU just like at default, so this mode is best used with CPU Core Voltage = Offset mode
4) The settings are listed in there as well, +50mV offset to whatever the CPU requested and will depend on the specific CPU sample. IIRC on one of the chips I tested that resulted in 1.48V in 1T scenarios and 1.36V when fully loaded

Quote: Originally Posted by crakej View Post
Do I need to put my M.2 drive on M.2_1 to retain lane width of x16 for my gpu? I put it on the slot where the heatspreader was (M.2_2)

Does my RX580 need 16 lanes?

Yes. I believe you can move the heatspreader from M.2_2 to M.2_1.


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