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Quote: Originally Posted by SonicDust187 View Post
Are the 680 and 770 the same cards?
Technically the "Paper Specs" appear the same, the GTX 680 and the GTX 770 both use the identical same GK104-400-A2 GPU chip, but nvidia shipped the GTX 770 with roughly about +40 Mhz to +80 Mhz faster core speed and max boost, but the big difference is nvidia fitted the GTX 770 with faster ram. The ram speed of the GDDR5 on the GTX 680 defaulted to 1502 Mhz (6008 Mhz Effective), where as the ram on the GTX 770 shipped with GDDR5 clocked @ 1752.5 Mhz reference, 7010 Mhz Effective. Other than that, they both use 256-Bit wide memory bus, GDDR5, and the exact same core. And (From what I can tell) the exact same GDDR5 as well. Just the GTX 770 is effectively a factory-overclocked GTX 680 from the nvidia reference spec, and then some AIB partner cards boosted it even higher for their aftermarket versions of the GTX 770. I don't know the exact differences, perhaps nvidia uses different physical ram chips for the 770's vs the 680's to get the faster ram speed for the 770's. Perhaps it's the same chips and they just overclocked it and locked it in and shipped it as a factory model. That I don't know why or how, but the GTX 770 does have faster ram by default.

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