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Gigabyte X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI overclocking & discussion thread

Board features

Board layout
Click image for larger version

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Known non power delivery ICs:
* ICS 9FGL1214AKLF (clock generator)
* ITE IT8686E for SuperIO + ITE IT8792E (near PCIE slot)
* Realtek ALC1220-VB + ESS Sabre DAC
* Richtek RT8288A for USB 3.0 DAC UP 2
* Intel 1211-AT Gigabit LAN
* Asmedia ASM1143 USB 3.1 controller
* ITE IT8295FN (RGB controller)
* Four ASMedia ASM1480 PCI-e switches (on my board it is NXP L040838)

Dual BIOs with replaceable BIOS chip explanation
It is advisable to use Single BIOS mode such that the second chip is untouched. Flash only via USB in the BIOS itself via Q-Flash. Don't flash in Windows or other OS.
Try to load Optimized Defaults so that all settings are stock before flashing the BIOS.

When you have a corrupt main BIOS you can then flash over the main BIOS by switching the BIOS to the 2nd BIOS.

1. Set board to single BIOS mode if not already.
2. Boot off the backup BIOS
3. Once in the BIOS flip the switch to the BIOS you want to flash,
4. Use Q-Flash to flash the BIOS. After reboot it may power cycle up to 5 times for memory training reasons.


Known quirks, not necessarily board specific
* The AMD CBS menu for XFR2 and Precision Boost Overdrive in Gigabyte BIOs is under "Peripherals"
--- PPT : Package Power Tracking (power limit) , default is ~ 140W
--- EDC : Electrical Design Current , "Indicates the maximum current the voltage rail can demand for a short, thermally insignificant time"
--- TDC : Thermal Design Current
* HPET enable / disable is under "Power"
* Voltage is around 1.45V-1.5V if on auto (in software) for Ryzen 2 due to AMD's 2 core boosting , multimeter readings typically below 1.45V
* Recommended SOC Voltage for Ryzen 2nd gen is 1.05 - 1.1V , may escalate to 1.2 or more if using XMP profile
* Gear Down Mode should be disabled if you intend to use odd timings such as CL15 15-15-15-35.
* AC 9260 Wifi might not work on older Linux kernels before 4.14 or on particular Linux systems (http://forum.gigabyte.us/thread/4007...r-aorus-gaming)
----> From my testing it works fine with Ryzen 7 with SMT turned off and also with downcore control set to SIX (3+3), so this issue might be due to more than 16 logical cores. (see https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=199551)
Quick OC tips
* Use Classic mode of BIOS for all advanced settings
* Use manual 4 main memory timings to start with , typically 1.35V DIMM (memory) voltage is required for XMP along with 1.05 to 1.1V SOC voltage
* Manually set ProcODT to 60ohms for most memory kits
* DRAM Termination typical is half of DRAM Voltage
* Check memory ICs for your kit using Thaiphoon Burner or the list at https://www.overclock.net/forum/1805...on-thread.html
* Check memory timings in Windows with the Stilt's Ryzen Timing checker: https://www.techpowerup.com/download...iming-checker/
* "Normal" in Gigabyte BIOS is "offset" for other vendors
* V_Droop is minimal on High LLC (about -0.02V under stress load) , Turbo is more or less what you set (less than 0.02V deviation in total to what is set in BIOS), and Extreme has no V_Droop may have an overshoot
* BCLK overclocking can be used up to around 103 - 104MHz , to avoid touching the multiplier and yet still maintain maximum clocks under light load
* Use Clear CMOS to clear all settings
* Use advanced fan curves in Smart Fan 5 to set your fans , calibrate for more accurate fan curves
* Stress test thoroughly before proceeding with your overclock for daily use, programs such as Prime95 or y-cruncher help you identify weaknesses in cooling

1. Do I need both the 8 pin and 4 pin CPU power connectors? No unless you plan on using it subzero or pushing ridiculous voltage and power.
2. What's a safe voltage? Generally it is recommended to be below 1.425V (non-stress), Gigabyte recommends a more conservative < 1.35V all core
3. Can I use a 1st gen Ryzen on it? Yes.
4. Do I need Appcenter for SIV? Yes. It's a prerequisite (required for installation).
5. Where do I turn off RGB? In the BIOS you can turn off RGB Fusion under Peripherals.
6. Where can I turn on virtualization / can only use one core in my VMs ? It's labeled SVM Mode under Advanced Frequency Settings ---> Advanced Core Settings
7. IOMMU setting is under "Peripherals" (see also this post for IOMMU groupings per F2 BIOS)
8. Typical overclock on ambient (air / water) for Ryzen 2nd gen is ~ 4.2-4.3GHz < 1.45V

Backplate clearances
Please be aware the pre-installed backplate may interfere in computer cases with integrated standoffs. It protrudes roughly the same height as a 6-32 motherboard standoff.



Memory QVL


(Intel Wifi+BT WLAN Driver also at above site)

AMD chipset driver

RGB Fusion Phone app


AMD AM4 Linux RAID driver

Intel AC 9260 drivers
Gigabyte's Intel AC 9260 driver : https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard...-driver-wlanbt
Official Intel AC 9260 driver : https://downloadcenter.intel.com/pro...reless-AC-9260
Linux support for AC 9260 requires Kernel 4.14+ : https://www.intel.com/content/www/us...etworking.html

Linux sensors workaround for SuperIO chip IT8686

(see also https://lkml.org/lkml/2017/6/11/3)
Arch-based: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/it87-dkms-git/

RGB Fusion Official Compatibility Information


Gigabyte Oriented Overclock Guides

overclocking.guide https://overclocking.guide/gigabyte-...locking-guide/

dinos22 :

dinos 22 voltage at socket , LLC test:


F4e BIOS PBO scaling
Click image for larger version

Name:	x470 Gaming 7 boost behavior F4e.png
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(~1850 CB R15 vs 1800 with it off)

Overclocking summary I made (try to get the pdf for quick links) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oZ_...ew?usp=sharing
* This is Rev 0 because as Gigabyte's X470 boards do not have the PPT/EDC/TDC setting (as their X370 boards do) the only setting really is the scalar.

Buyer Questionnaire for submission to Gigabyte for review
https://goo.gl/forms/5leHghaCFRWAN7So1 (Requires google login to prevent multiple submissions)Please don't spam it, I removed the google sign in requirement

Gigabyte AORUS official videos & posts

Thermal design : https://www.aorus.com/blog-detail.php?i=246

Aorus Product page

Official USA Support Forum


Pcpartpicker Builds with this board https://pcpartpicker.com/builds/by_part/3mm323
Bitspower monoblock : https://www.bitspower.com.tw/index.p...oducts_id=5962
EKWB monoblock: https://www.ekwb.com/news/ek-releasi...orus-gaming-7/

hwbot records link http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboar...gaming_7_wifi/

(Work in progress)

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