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Hello fellow Gigabyte owners

I bought this motherbord on Friday, along with a 2700x
the 2700x OC'd like a charm to 4.1 at air - 1.3v
I did not tried to further tweak the voltage, it's on the test bench with stock cooling now
when the times comes i wil install this inside my rig and my custom loop

still trying to be stable with my samsung B-Die , dual rank kit F4-3200C14D-32GTZ
setting the XMP and Dram voltage to 1.35/1.37V results in a boot loop

I am now searching the forums for settings.
unfortunately, most of people here are using Asus CH6 motherboard

some voltage settings seems to have another name in Gigabyte's BIOS

Gigabyte = VCORE SOC ?

Asus = DRAM Boot Voltage
Gigabyte = ?

thanks !

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