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I made a small app to make it easier to standardize the voltage test method among the users.

There are several different conditions, of which some are enforced and some are not.

- Admin rights
- R7 2700X only *
- SMT needs to be enabled *
- Performance Enhancer = Default
- Stock configuration only (fixed / offset voltage and load-line adjustments disallowed) *
- No other monitoring app running simultaneously (e.g. AiTweaker, CPU-Z, HWInfo, AIDA, etc)
- System needs to be at IDLE
- Windows "Balanced" Power Plan (NOT "Ryzen Balanced")

* Enforced


I suggest that you restart your system and close all unnecessary applications after the system has restarted.
You should wait at least two minutes until you launch the app.

- Extract the archive
- Right click CPO_Test.exe and select "Run as Admin"
- Do not close the windows or perform any other actions while it executes (takes ~80 seconds in total).
- Once completed take a screenshot of the window which remains open.

Keep in mind that whatever the reported delta between the best and the worst core is, at stock there is a frequency delta as well.
The worst core will always run at lower speeds than the best one. Since in PE3 / PE4 mode there is no frequency delta between the cores, the voltage on the worst core will raise significantly compared to stock.
The voltage on the best core will raise as well, but usually not as much as the voltage on the worst core does.

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