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Quote: Originally Posted by bizejim View Post
First let me say thank you.
My system: Windows 7 Pro 64, Asus X99-A II motherboard, 40 lane 6 core Intel CPU, EVGA 1070 GPU, 1TB Samsung 850 EVO system drive, 1TB Samsung 960 pro SSD, 64 GIG ram Q code AA, Thunderbolt III add in card.

I have the card installed and followed all the settings for the BIOS the card shows up in the advanced interface of the UEIF.

I Have all of the access to the system tray and the card is accessed from the programs menu.

My goal was to use a Wacom 16 inch Cintiq Pro Pen Display for art work that requires a USB 3.1 C socket with Display-Port pass-through to give the artist the full 4K capabilities on a windows PC. and that is what the Thunderbolt add in card is supposed to do and much more.
Before I spent the $1499.95 for the Cintiq I have an old school pro monitor that is a 2K and so I purchased a 4K cable to go from the C/Display port to a slandered display port but I cannot get any display signal to the monitor.
Could I ask those of you that have got the thunderbolt card to work..... what do you use it for (a display or chain link storage devices or device)?
Or if any of you have got it to supply a monitor with a video signal and fire up your monitor?

I have to take that back I just had a system freeze on start up and the PC asked if I wanted to use a restore point and so I did now the thunderbolt card shows up in the Advance settings but does not show up in the start/program menu or the system tray.
it is 12:55 P M and I am a little loopy at this point being up sense 4:20 A M

Thanks in advance Jin or bizejim
I believe I have solved the issue. No one will like it but I did it last week and it's been rock solid, except for some PCIE lane issues my RVE10 is having, since I installed it in the right slot.

1. Power down your pc and unplug the psu power cord.
2. Remove the ASUS TB3 card.
3. Throw that buggy piece of **** in the trash, or sell it on eBay, to a friend that you don't really like, shoot it, run it over with your car, light it on fire, or try and get a refund.
4. OK this is really step 1 but it doesn't have the same effect as the 3 above. Anyway, purchase yourself a Gigabyte GC-Alpine Ridge Rev 2.0 card on Amazon for around $60 bucks.
5. Install the GB GC-AR card in the same slot as you pulled your TB3 card from. Plug the TB header cable from the card to mobo.
6. Plug your TB devices in.
7. Plug your psu back in and turn your pc back on.
8. Go into the BIOS and make sure your TB is on, and is recognized as connected at x4 and set slot to Gen 3.
9. You might or might not get a BSOD or 2 as your PCIe lane switches figure out what to route where. If you get a Q-code 51 or 01 shut down, pull power cord, push power button a few times, plug the cord back in, turn the computer back on,turn computer back on.
10. Check your TB in the software, if all is well then you should be good to go.
11. If something isn't working or your monitor isn't working, you will prob need to switch slots. I had to move mine from slot 2 to slot 6 to get it to work right. The RVE10 has some PCIe switching problems.
12. No need to uninstall the latest ASUS TB software or do anything really. It should just work, like the ASUS card should lol but doesn't.

I'll probably fix instructions make them more clear tomorrow, but order the Gigabyte card, it actually works.

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