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Quote: Originally Posted by robiatti View Post
I am running bios F4E and the only issue I have come across is the bios one day failed to post no matter what I tried.
I ended up booting from the back up F2 and reflashed the primary with F4e again and all is well.

I'm surprised the ram I am using actually works correctly with XMP, its a 32gb set from evga ddr4 3200 C16.

This kit has not worked correctly in the past on my CHVI only would work at 2666.
That's the dual BIOS feature at work. I can't count how many times it has saved my behind flashing new AGESA codes. On the Intel platform it also saved me from bad flashes. Gigabyte upped the ante this time by including a fully replaceable main BIOS chip too.

A key thing to note which I put in the first post is sometimes on Gigabyte AM4 boards it will go insane and flash the Backup BIOS with the main BIOs. To avoid that from happening you should set the Dual BIOS mode to single BIOS.

Doing so ensures that they are essentially physically isolated.

The other major quirk (not an issue just why?) is Gigabyte put AMD CBS options inside the Peripherals tab. They likely need a new UI designer.

By the way if you purchased the board from Newegg or Amazon you can register to get a free mechanical K83 keyboard (ends May 31).

Link is here: http://event.gigabyte.us/review/


If you don't want to use the keyboard I think you can give it away or sell it on Ebay.

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