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Quote: Originally Posted by lutjens View Post
Quadro GV100:

Base clock:1132MHz
Boost clock: 1627MHz

As shown on my GPU-Z screenshot...
Those are strange numbers. GPUZ says 1200 and 1455 on my V.. Thinking about grabbing a Quadro for the extra memory but don't want to lose too much performance. Any idea what the maximum effective clock you are getting is? Some applications only use 1455 on my Titan, others go up to 1845.

Quote: Originally Posted by Skinnered View Post
Alltough this way to expensieve for me, I wonder if the new linkbridge works in games acting as one GPU when several GPU's are linked.
Well, SLI is a supported technology over nvlink. I doubt an application that uses multi-gpu rendering outside SLI would benefit from the bandwidth provided by nvlink.
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