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As an addition to my prior post...

Think about it from the viewpoint of a buyer who doesn't have the card or component in hand. What do you want to know?

1. Components (because a ___ GPU at whatever MHz is just the same as another of the same model)
2. Power & power delivery / PCB
3. Temperature
4. Acoustics
5. Compatibility with waterblocks
6. is the GPU binned?
7. Is it worth upgrading from ______ GPU?

Some examples of what I mean as far as PCB teardown:

1080 Ti teardown

(GTX 1080 Gaming X stripped down)

Evaluate VRM cooling , memory cooling, GPU cooling , heatpipe diameter , fan size, etc.

Zotac GTX 1070 teardown

RX460 nitro

R9 Fury Nitro

R9 390 nitro

Nitro teardown with interview of AMD in same video

NON GPU components
Cases: clearances, various internal & external dimensions, grommeting, included fan quality & cooling ability, noise, any obvious flaws in design (i.e. sharp edges where cables pass through) , etc.

Memory: ICs, speed & timings out of the box, clearances, how far it overclocks on Ryzen + coffee lake, etc.

PSU: size, cabling, efficiency, ripple, load regulation , noise , etc. (think of what you can't find on the spec sheet that is important)

SSD: benchmarks, packaging/build quality , heat/thermals, cost vs other SSDs , etc.

Mice : whatever metrics you find for mice , build quality, ease of software , etc.

Keyboard : whatever metrics you find for keyboard, build quality, ease of software, etc.

Sound card : RMAA (rightmark audio analyzer) + other such metrics, dimensions / size , etc.

Motherboards: power delivery, thermals, featureset, IO speeds (USB/NvME/SATA), audio quality, LAN & Wifi speeds, build quality, BIOs, Linux support, etc.

CPU coolers: clearances / weight , heatsink quality & thermals with a standardized fan (i.e. a Noctua) at 800 / 1000 / 1500RPM, noise , build quality & installation ease, etc.

Fans : PQ curve, build quality, noise (with a recording if possible to make a video worthwhile see Silentpcreview's old materials), db/CFM

Watercooling - radiator : thermal performance with high/low speed fans and a fixed flow rate typical of DDC / D5 pump
Watercooling - pump : unless you have the equipment for this (pressure/flow rate graphing), noise, ... probably not a great idea to review this since very rarely do people buy anything other than D5 or DDC
Watercooling - CPU/GPU block : thermal performance (standardized test procedure such as 1500RPM fans and 0.5 or 1GPM flow rate at pump)

CPUs don't get reviewed often so I won't touch on that.

Thermal compound: thermal performance (obvious) , cure time for maximum performance, perf/$

Networking products: speed, latency, range, software bug-iness, Linux support, etc.

edit: Don't take this personally, I know that some of these aspects are covered in the videos already. Please take these points as a checklists of sorts. However, I feel that these items/aspects should be emphasized more. For example, the image of the PCB is never focused on for more than 2-3 seconds but there's a long time that is spent on picturing the card on the table.

edit 2: Be aware that the above videos don't have any part numbers. If you list out all the part numbers used then you're already better than 90% of youtube. i.e. what is the PWM controller & doubler? What memory ICs are used? Where do you shunt mod?

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