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Quote: Originally Posted by AlphaC View Post
Full disassembly (down to the PCB, sometimes EK /Alphacool configurators lacking those dimensions) and custom loop watercooled components (i.e. GPUs cooled by Heatkiller blocks).

I'm pretty sure even if a PCB teardown video is 2 or 3 minutes long that there will be people watching it because A. it's unique content B. not many people do it. C. people that overclock for hwbot records need this information (to mod and or to cool it with water / LN2). Any youtube person can run firestrike or timespy...

I don't think LN2 is a reasonable expectation.

Builds = meh , everyone and their dog has a build video now

Interviews: If you can get interviews with people of value such as James Prior from AMD

Q&A : I don't know what sort of Q&A would be worth sitting through so there better be a transcript, I'd rather read (or skip pointless parts) than watch unlike youtuber people that just yap on and on about nothing important

How to: unless it's something exclusive or at day 1 of launch, not that useful
I agree with the above statement and we can do much more with tearing down products, and I can help you with this Ryan.

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