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I'm a tad late to this thread, personally. Basically a lot of what AlphaC has said is on point. Aligns with where I would go.

There can be multiple shows and/or different hosts too. Keeps things interesting. Some of the basic show ideas I had in mind:
- A weekly segment on the breakdown of components. (As mentioned before.)
- A show on the fundamentals of overclocking. Like a tutorial or something. Especially when tech always changes.
- An overclocking competition. Could be LN2, air, what have you.
- A "retro" show. Looking back at some of the most important breakthroughs in computers and overclocking.
- Something related to peripherals. Maybe a mechanical keyboard or mouse review. Performance checks.
- Instead of a build video, maybe something like a rig spotlight where once every other week or so you could take a look at a submission and go over the fine points of the build. Also a review of it. Might give people ideas for their own builds. (Could probably work on a "contest" of sorts to be spotlighted.)
- (I know I will get some hate for this but...) A show spotlighting consoles and games of such. There's still a good amount of people here who play PC AND console.
- Of course, you can't not include a weekly news recap. Those are always important to have. It all depends on stories and presentation.

Granted, most, if not all of this has been done before. There's not much else that's unique to this genre. So the best thing to do is just work on being the better presentation. There is already a following willing to support the YT channel, by way of the people of this forum. So you can make it contribution based.

I might be getting ahead of myself for all of this, but I'd love to see the direction of the channel eventually get to this level of entertainment.

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