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I checked off the How to videos option as well. No offense meant, but reviews are a dime a dozen and when it comes to them (separating the wheat from chaff), I tend to lean toward those found on sites like thermalbench. 'Course, to do reviews like those you typically need special (and often expensive) test equipment (anyone got a Dwyer 490A-1 they no longer want? ).

As I mentioned, I'd really like to see more How to type videos, especially with the search functionality on the site being what it is today. Heck, even using Google's site search functionality today isn't anything like it was before the move to VS. While you can still use Google's site search, you have to take note of when a linked search return was posted, as much of the time those returned links take you to the end of a thread, after which you have to backtrack until you find the correct post. You can probably thank a poorly handled 301 redirect strategy for that.

Anyway, there's a ton of relatively recent AND great material here on OCN that could even be used as the basis for any number of videos. Want to make your own cables? Buried posts here show you how to do that. Want to overclock that new build of yours? The same applies. Just takes some digging and consolidation of the info found in any number of relevant threads/posts, as well as time and effort. Can't say that everyone has much of the latter of course.

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