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Quote: Originally Posted by bfe_vern View Post
So, its been a year since I've delidded my 7700k and I said I would check back in. The temps has stayed the same since then. For the same ambient temp nothing has changed which is a good thing! If I switch my HSF to something better than the Evo 212 I would probably get it to drop a few more degrees. But I am happy where its at and I am just going to let this rig chug along! Once again, thanks Wholeoo for the service you provided to this community!
Good to hear and it was the least I could do for the community. You guys may have already seen the edit of the thread title but I've decided to end my tool's tour. Not only have I misplaced the thing but I have had trouble staying commited to being active in this thread, and forum in general ever since the update. To add to this my life has been pretty hectic the last couple of months and I'm just slowly getting back to the norm.

For those of you that never received the tool after months of waiting I sincerely apologize. If I didn't respond to your PM's or took weeks to finally respond I also apologize.

Finally, thanks to everyone that participated. Everyone was responsible and showed respect towards the next community member down the line sending them the tool in tact in the condition which I originally had shipped it out in. The tool wouldn't have traveled so many miles and popped so many tops without you.

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