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About headphones:

What headphone is "best" depends on a lot of things:
Phones with the OHM rating to match the sound source you have.
Phones that match what you'll be listening to (music, gaming, movies, etc.).
Phones that have the "sound" type you prefer (Open sound, base sound, positional sound, etc.) .
Phones that match you budget.

What I tell people about choosing any sound equipment:
Read the reviews
Visit a store when you can try a variety of products (so you start to understand what the reviews are talking about)
Ask to hear products that cost 50% less and 50% more that to what you are listening.

And there are no "best" $50 phones, there are just some that aren't as bad as some others.

"Best" phone pricing starts around $300, so save up your money and buy what you really want/need, because if you're serious about what you're doing that's where you're going to end up, and you can save a lot of money by going there first. $50 ---> $100--->$150--->$250--->$350--->$500...(that's $1,400 to get there).

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