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Quote: Originally Posted by ryan92084 View Post
Looks like the first post was done as a guest instead of an actual account.


I know it's written in there, but I'm more inclined to think that it's a bug, and that it's otherwise impossible as I've never heard of that being a possibility. Spammers would have a field day. And in this case the account was even able to post an attachment.

Also, it doesn't keep track of post count, at least not that one, so it can't be working properly. And how would a guest account work anyway? Without an e-mail account? And you could only make one post? Or several?

But what to me gives it away as a bug is that the guest is identified as the thread starter and then, already with acknowledged registered status, in his two follow-up posts too, so there is a sequence. How could that connection happen between a guest and a registered account with the same user name? How can you validate for sure that it's the same person? Unless e-mail registration is required for guest accounts, in which case it's not really a guest account. None of this makes sense to me.

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