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Quote: Originally Posted by Pilz View Post
With how my tower is situated I didn't want the exhaust air (which will be hotter if the rads are my intake) blowing towards me. The intakes are all cool air since inside doesn't get hot whatsoever. My temps dropped by an average Delta of 13°C under heavy loads so there's no need to change it current. Once I add my second system I'll flip the front ones to be my intake since I won't really have a choice at that point.

Corsair made some design compromises compared to other towers I've built.

-The pump mounting area is very small and forced me to stagger the two D5's
-3.5" drive bay is non-removable, but I plan on modding my case and making a smaller enclosure there
-front radiator thickness is limited to 60mm if you want a push/pull due to the drive bays

Other than these things I've been happy with the case. Once I finalize the current design I'm going to start planning how my second system is going to run. I want 4 loops if possible inside the case, 3 at a minimum. My GPU will be getting replaced within a month anyway so that will cue some other upgrades as well.
I've never been able to feel the exhaust air temp when sitting at my desk -- it's always blowing away from me. And those compromises are nothing compared to most other cases. I only use 60mm max thickness rads as I don't like the 80mm ones. The staggered mounts wouldn't bother me, as I'd most likely mount the pump-res combos to the rad fans anyway.

If I was building in this case, I'd have the front and top be cold air intakes for the rads and the rear be exhausting the warmed air. I'd be using monoblocks so there wouldn't be any consequences for having the interior being a bit warmer than it otherwise could be.

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