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USPS Delivery!

I love knocks on the door.

I just received some good stuff!

In the Amazon shipment from Titan Rig:
-XSPC 90 degree rotary fittings
-XSPC 3/4 OD 1/2 ID soft tube compression fittings
-some XSPC G/14 plugs-never know when you need to plug holes
-4 Phanteks PH-F120SP (I have 3 already on the 360MM rad I have currently in use)

In a separate shipment:
Bykski EVGA GTX 980 TI waterblock!!! I will explain why I paid $36 in shipping from China for it, but it has to do with the really deep hole you can see for the power delivery chokes. I have a 980TI FTW from EVGA and it is well known that no waterblock exists for that card... OR SO YOU THOUGHT. Really though, a much higher quality product than I was expecting.

Check out the enclosed pics!

A large order of parts from COLDZERO incoming-5.25in back and side plates with SSD mounts, short mid plate. I have a local plastics ship working on ventilated side covers for the HDD cages. I have my eyes on some bulkhead fittings to use through the mid plate.

Also in the mail (I think): the new Cablemod vertical GPU bracket. Might as well show off that sexy Chinese waterblock!

I will be posting updates as regularly as I can. Lets get this build bumping!
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