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Quote: Originally Posted by HelpDatBIOS View Post
Upload a dump/backup of your BIOS here using Intel Flash programming tool.

fptw -d backup.bin

If you get error 26, or any "access" errors, you may not be able to easily backup the entire BIOS, but still may be able to reflash some portions.
If the ME is locked, then you may not be able to flashback without an offboard flash programmer (USB CH341A)

There is a trick w/ USB Flashback for Asus, renaming the BIOS to EraseAll or Eall, I can't remember exactly, but I'm not sure if it works in all instances like this.
Usually Intel and Asus may block backward flashing if ME is of concern, if ME region or FD is locked this will be the case no matter what without a flash programmer (Or hot flash on another board with unlocked FD/ME).

There is also this trick (Section E) if it is FD/ME locked, involves shorting live board, to get around locked FD/ME so you can flash, but yeah it's a live short so little risky.
Okay you seem like you have a lot of knowledge definitely coming to you for bios help in the future. Honestly might try one of your risky methods because why not, the board is already dead imo, input lag is so bad and random stutters. I'll get back to u with either good or bad news. If all else fails I'll probably buy an msi board unless you think there is a better brand, gigabyte maybe? Those are the 2 Ive heard good things from anyway.
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