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That was even faster then expected, so what about 10 days? I'm not sure why you could not attach zip file, maybe site being glitch? You should be able to, especially small files like that would be in a zip.

I will modify this backup for you tonight and post here, it's better that way to use this backup and reprogram with that instead of what I posted earlier!

BIOS is not correct size, 2MB vs 3MB, did you use the Nano Programmer to make this backup? Did it verify that is all that's on the chip, verify contents of chip vs what it writes as backup?
I will see if I can work around, in the meantime go ahead and program that modified BIOS I sent before and see if that works OK.
If it does work OK, then I can just edit that, with the details from your board like Serial/MAC etc from this backup, if they are there and not corrupted.

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