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TV's do not have any kind of analog outputs these days.
The only analog output the TV could have these days is the headphone output, and even that is usually removed because of that utterly stupid trend Apple made. And in your case exactly that has happened (no headphone output).

Your HTIB (home theater in a box) seems to have coaxial (aka. Digital) input as the only "viable" option, but your TV doesn't have it. Coaxial and optical are pretty much the same thing data-wise, except coaxial uses electricity and optical uses light to transfer the data from one end to another.

In a nutshell: You can't connect the speakers to your TV. The only thing that could barely be called a solution would be to get an external DAC (like this one) that uses optical and plug that to the L/R analog inputs of the HTIB.

Ppl should learn to add more info to their posts when they ask for help...
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