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Quote: Originally Posted by brucethemoose View Post
That'll work, but it'll just be upmixed stereo. Also, there's a risk you'll get buzzing from cheap DACs, depending on which one you got.

Get an optical->coax converter instead, and you can send real 5.1 surround sound to your DVD system. And there's no risk of sound quality degredation, it either works perfectly or it doesn't work at all.
Thanks, the DAC seemed really cheap indeed, so maybe that's a better option.
I found relatively cheap (22eur) HAMA 42906, Coax IN/Optical OUT ODT available, and will order to give it a try. Hope it will work!

Edit: Which one do i need? Coax IN/Optical OUT ODT or Optical IN ODT (Toslink)/Coax OUT? Sorry, a bit lost here.

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