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Unboxing the Bitspower Waterblock for the Intel Optane 900P SSD

Ever since I first saw the EK waterblock for the Intel 750 PCIe SSD, I have wanted a liquid cooled PCIe SSD! I was hoping that some company would make one for the new Intel Optane 900P SSD I have in this build.

I thought sure that EK would make one for it since they made one for the Intel 750 SSD. After waiting months, and not seeing one released, I emailed EK and they said they had no plans to make a waterblock for the 900P.

Then I contacted Watercool and Aquacomputer, but they both said the same thing, that there were no plans for a waterblock for the 900P. Then I saw Alphacool came out with a nice looking waterblock for it, and it is even acrylic!

I was all set to buy this block, but I wanted to wait until it came in stock at PPCs, and while searching their site for the Alphacool block I saw a listing for a Bitspower waterblock for the Intel 750 SSD. I thought EK was the only company that made a block for the 750 SSD

I had not even considered that Bitspower would make one, so I contacted them to see if they had any plans to make a waterblock for the 900P. They emailed me back and said “yes we are and we will be introducing it at Computex”. This was a few weeks before the Computex show.

I searched for news about this waterblock, during and after the Computex show, but I was not able to find any information about it. So a few weeks after Computex I emailed them back, and the response I got back was, here’s a picture of it, and how many do you need?

Here’s the picture they sent me... of course like everything else in the PC world today it has a slot for an RGB strip too.

After multiple back and forth emails that took about a week, they shipped it out on a Friday. I thought it would take at least a week, maybe two weeks to get here. Much to my surprise when I got home Monday evening it had arrived already! Even their packaging has the “Bitspower” logo all over it!

No outer box but plenty of bubble wrap.

The box is perfect.

Foam pad on top.

The accessory package is on top with thermal pads, screws, two stop plugs, and what is that round thing?

I’ve never seen that logo before, but it looks like it’s a Bitspower coaster they threw in the box
Now I feel like I should go get a beer

Taking the accessory package out, the waterblock itself is nicely vacuum packed.

Now let’s get a good look at the waterblock.

Here’s the other side.

This is with the waterblock sitting on top of the Intel 900P SSD.

One last shot.

I’m pretty fired up about this waterblock! The part number is BP-SSDITL900P. I have not found this waterblock available, or even listed anywhere online yet. Who knows this could be the first one in the states.

I have an RBG strip coming for this which I plan to connect to one of the RGB headers on the motherboard. I’m also thinking about taking it apart to polish the side and front edges that will show, although I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do that or not. I’ll see how it looks with the RGB strip first.

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