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Looking for water cooling case recommendations

I'm looking for an atx mid-tower that can fit a hx850 platinum, two 360mm slim radiators or rough equivalent, e.g. 240 and 360, 280 and 360, 2x240 and 280, 2x280, etc and a watercool heatkiller tube 150 d5 comfortably. I currently have a ryzen 2600 with a strix x470-f and a 1080ti fe.

I like elegant-looking cases and I want it to have a tempered glass side window and a psu shroud. Ideally it won't cost as much as a caselabs case and won't be too big either. No super towers please. I'm ok with waiting for cases that will come out by the end of the year.

Currently I own a fractal design r6 but the ram compatibility is just a little off and I don't want to have to mutilate a fan to fit the top 360mm rad.

Here's what I've looked at so far.

Lian Li PC-011: considering
Lian Li Lancool One: considering
Phanteks Evolv X: considering
Caselabs anything: no (either too big or no tempered glass)
Thermaltake anything: iffy

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