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Complete shot in the dark here but i own a Carbide 500R. I had an Corsair H110GT cooler rigged where the radiator was in the case and was held in place by the fans being in the compartment for the radiator at the top of the case. I'm positive I got the idea from this thread. Unfortunately that pump died but my RMA which is a H110i (which im under the impression is the same cooler with a different name) came today. here's the problem- since Im an idiot and didnt take pictures or notice how I rigged the radiator and fans up i can't for the life of me figure out how I had it set up. The radiator was in the case and Im pretty sure I was using only the long screws to thread through the fans and into the holes on the radiator. But I've been fighting with this thing for an hour and can't figure out what I did. Any ideas?

Lesson learned: if you rig something up make sure you take photos so you're not asking yourself 'how the hell' if you ever have to take it apart.
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