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For sale: intel 7740x used for 3 weeks

The chip is like brand new. It’s still under intels 3 year warnentee. I used it for 3 week before I took it out and put it back in its original package where it has sat ever since.

The chip easily hit 5ghz and I had it at 5.2ghz stable no problem at all. This chip ran very cool on my h100i and would idle around 15c. Max temp never went above 75-80c under full load at 5.2ghz and those temps would only be seen for a second before they would drop and then rise again.. so it was never held at those temps.

Chip is in like new condition (cuz it basically is new) and worked fantastic.

If it doesn’t sell I plan on de-lidding it as it would make a prime candidate because of how high I could get the clock speeds and which such a low temp the chip would run at.

280$ shipped.

Pm me for more details thanks.

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