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Quote: Originally Posted by Blackops_2 View Post
I appreciate i never really learned how they worked honestly. Just looked at my sig that PSU has been going since November of 14, so maybe a tad old and possibly not enough? I benched one of these cards at 1350/7000 with the voltage tool when i had it with the fx-8320, haven't been able to get near that since i put the SLi rig together.
It's hard to say really, it depends on what capacitors they used when they made the thing and how good of a quality they were. Different manufacturers use different capacitors and some of them hold up against degradation over time better than others that may use cheaper capacitors so.. it's kinda difficult to really know. I just mentioned it because it's one possibility that may effect it. My 1KW that doesn't OC very well today was a refurbished unit sent back to me from SeaSonic after a warranty claim, It never worked quite right like the original did and I just keep it around for basic testing of older computers or stock setups on certain machines.
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