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Quote: Originally Posted by jura11 View Post
Hi there

What OC are you running? And what voltage are you running?

Few days back I tested EVGA GTX 1080Ti Black Edition with Morpheus II cooler, just for fun as friend hasn't been very happy with his temperatures on his Black Edition, with 75-85% fan profile on BE cooler temperatures has been in high 80's but that's in high ambient at 28-32°C, OC has been around 2088MHz which started to drop to 2050MHz at higher ambient

We are replaced BE cooler for my old Raijintek Morpheus II cooler with BeQuiet Silent Wings 3, done few tests and temperatures stayed at reasonable 50-57°C with 2100MHz OC during the gaming in Assassin Creed Origins etc, our best OC has been 2113MHz which is stable in most games but in some 2100MHz seems working best

I borrowed him my old cooler for time being, he will be getting same cooler just with different fans, because these fans would cost close to this cooler

I would assume you will have pretty good temperatures with Arctic Cooling Accelero III but this can depends on few things,friend running on his Titan X SC same cooler and his temperatures are in 50-55°C on this cooler

Hope this helps

Thanks, Jura
The Arctic Accelero Xtreme III might not work because of my poor choice of case and combination of CPU cooler (the Phanteks PH-tc14pe), motherboard and CPU. The videocard is jammed up against the Phanteks PH-tc14pe and there's no room for the backplate the Arctic Accelero Xtreme III uses.
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