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They can't afford to push this on everyone. They have more competition now. The moment the blood is in the water, the sharks will circle.
What competition? Linux and Apple? Not happening. Windows is very entrenched. People have been saying they will bail for years, and they still haven't. As much as I hate to admit it if you want to do real work or need real triple a apps and programs Windows is all there is. Games = Windows, Major software i.e. Adobe, Office, Autocad, Solidworks = Windows. The other 2 don't stand a chance unless Microsoft really blows it. I expect the Windows crowd will boo hoo about this all day long but at the end of the day, they will keep bending over letting MS do whatever they want. Most can't afford to dump Windows.

Hell even me, I use linux exclusively. Every computer in my home is linux except for the wifes. I even will have to buy a copy of Windows for my laptop. Is the only way I can help out with volunteer work I do, they simply don't use anything else.

I'm quite curious how MS can hold the entire world fairly hostage to Windows and no one cares. Governments, people.... no one at all seems to give a damn.

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