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Quote: Originally Posted by Tadaen Sylvermane View Post
What competition? Linux and Apple? Not happening. Windows is very entrenched. People have been saying they will bail for years, and they still haven't. As much as I hate to admit it if you want to do real work or need real triple a apps and programs Windows is all there is. Games = Windows, Major software i.e. Adobe, Office, Autocad, Solidworks = Windows. The other 2 don't stand a chance unless Microsoft really blows it. I expect the Windows crowd will boo hoo about this all day long but at the end of the day, they will keep bending over letting MS do whatever they want. Most can't afford to dump Windows.

Microsoft has never tried to irritate customers like this service movement before. The more they push the more they get people like the Windows 7 users not transitioning(And the numbers are not really moving past a certain point). All the competition needs is one good alternative. Apple has never really begun to exist outside of its own hardware and Linux Desktops are not polished. Which leaves Google if you believe it or not. Its been working on its own custom OS outside of Android/ChromeOS. A stumbling Microsoft could be just what it takes to push into the desktop space like they did in the education space(ChromeOS is killing it there).
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